Sophie Zen exists to connect, support and empower change-making women in business.


It all began during a retreat in Byron Bay when I became obsessed with the idea of following my bliss, working for a purpose and connecting to my highest potential. As part of the retreat, we were asked to draw our ideal job. I scribbled a terrible stick figure person working from home in a house near the ocean. The rest of the retreat was filled with similar activities and returning home to the Gold Coast, my partner commented on how zen I was being. In this moment, Sophie Zen was born.

Sophie Zen is the highest version of myself. She is wildly creative, divinely feminine and fiercely intuitive. Working with goddesses who are searching for more in their life and business, I empower women to step into their power, shine their light and be seen online with my writing, speaking and social media packages.

I was half way through a marketing and journalism degree at university when I realised that a traditional, corporate career seemed really icky to me. While my friends were looking to big multinationals for internships and jobs, I opted for start-ups and change-making social enterprises and found my zone of genius! The creativity and innovation that I experienced in these roles lit me up and catapulted me into the world of the girl boss! Side note: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso was just kicking off when I started my business. Coincidence? I think not! I believe she wrote this book just for me!  

With one more year of university to go, I began Sophie Zen. “No big deal, I’ll take it slow,” I told my friends and family. The universe had other plans. In the year that I started my business, I landed a part-time job at a local magazine, started working with clients, created two issues of an online magazine with my business bestie and had my first speaking gig. I was living the exact dream that I pictured on my retreat in Byron Bay – working in a creative industry, for myself, in a home that is conveniently close to the ocean. Tick, tick, tick! And I’m writing this now because I know that you can do it too!

My biggest joy in business is seeing my clients own their stories and teach the lessons that only they know. Nobody has had the same experiences as you and nobody can tell the same stories as you. Your memories, your fears, your lessons and your joys are all unique to you. All I know is that your story deserves to be told. So I’m wondering darling, are you ready to share it?

And while we’re having a good chat about story-telling, here are some more pivotal moments from my life:


➳ I’ve always loved to read and write from primary school when I’d pen corny poems to my friends to high school when I was awarded top of my Year 12 English class. Reading every single novel in my mum’s bookshelf by the time I’d reached my teens, I quickly became a regular at the local library. My love for reading doesn’t stop at novels and I grew up flicking through all of the teen magazines that the industry had to offer. Cosmo was always my favourite though. I didn’t realise how important magazines were to me until I started working at one in my final year of university. The cover model. The sleek design. The smell of the glossy pages. I cried the first time I saw my name printed in a magazine and continued to blush every time someone would snap a pic of the mag and send it through to me. I worked there for a year and it was the best ‘first adult job’ ever!

➳ Completely obsessed with Sex and the City, I wrote in my Year 12 Yearbook that I wanted to be the next Carrie Bradshaw. Strangely enough, the first thing I did when I started working for a magazine was convince my boss to give me a column about love, sex and relationships. It was called SPICE and I wrote a whole three pieces before realising that sex columns were definitely not my thing! But I still like to claim my Carrie Bradshaw moment. Short-lived but it still counts! 

➳ I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was seventeen years old and put on strong medication that zapped my immune system and gave me a cold for at least two months. I coughed so much that I lost my voice and couldn’t speak for days. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when a lovely English teacher dropped this wisdom bomb on me: “Luckily you have such a talent at writing, you’ll always have a voice”. This statement constantly inspires me to full express myself even when times are tough. While my voice never returned in the same way (I later discovered that my vocal chords were scarred), I have never opted out of sharing my message and purpose.

Tired of getting all personal with me? I should have told you that I don’t do small talk but am always down for a deep and meaningful over coffee! While my idea of a professional relationship includes telling my clients that I love them and ending my emails with kisses, I’m going to try to keep it together for a minute so that I can share my professional bio and media page. Quick, click the link before I get all mushy again!