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It’s for the woman who is tired of believing that everything has to be so hard… and is ready to work with the natural flow of their business.

It's for the woman who is willing to explore her inner wilderness... and continue to show up as the highest version of herself.

It’s for the woman who is tired of the #girlboss version of success… and desires to do business in a more cosy way.

It’s for the woman who is ready to ditch the hustle… and come back down to earth.

earth business school is about coming home.

Coming home to your self...

Coming home to your community...

Coming home to your true roots…

Coming home to mama earth….

Because the richness of your business and the richness of mama earth do not exist in separation.

They are one.

They work together.

They are both earth business.

And when we embrace earth business, looking after both our business and our planet, then that’s when magic happens!

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I believe building a supportive business means... 

// Ditching the ‘work harder for more money’ paradigm and opening up to receiving riches and abundance

// Stepping out from behind the computer screen and gathering a circle of women who can hold the load with you

// Owning your self-worth and rising up as an empowered and embodied leader

// Investing in the tools and training that help you to be your most present and full self

// Working in a way that completely honours your long-term dreams and visions

I believe building a sustainable business means…

// Connecting back with nature and allowing it to be the ultimate mentor and teacher

// Doing things in your own way, at your own perfect pace

// Prioritising flow and realigning with the natural way of things

// Embracing ritual and ceremony to support you in working with the seasons and navigating times of transition

// Practicing radical self-care and using essential oils to nurture and nourish yourself

And when you combine the supportive with the sustainable, you get earth business.

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earth business school is an opportunity to partner with doTERRA to build your very own supportive and sustainable business. doTERRA don’t just provide the most beautiful essential oils but also give you the platform and all of the information that you need to get started on your earth business journey.

As well as information from doTERRA, you will also get access to the earth business school Facebook community where you will find video training and resources specific to the earth business journey. This is also your space to sit in circle and connect with other women who are building supportive and sustainable businesses too!

Plus you’ll get the opportunity to have both one-on-one and group coaching calls with me and your earth business sisters. Coaching calls will be centred around building your business in a way that feels really, really good to you and I’ll be guiding you to show up in a truly sacred way (always!)

This also means you get access to all of my expertise in marketing, social media, business and mindset. It’s all yours (for FREE!) when you sign up to earth business school.

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There are two main options for getting involved:

1. If you're interested in the beautiful business opportunity then I'd absolutely love to chat about how we can collaborate and co-create together.

2. If you're interested in using essential oils but not sure you want to get involved in the business opportunity then that's totally okay. We can simply chat about the oils and how to get them to your doorstep!

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Hi beautiful, I’m Sophie and I started my business in my last year of a marketing and journalism degree at university. While my peers were all applying for corporate jobs with big businesses, I wanted a more cosy career where I could work one-on-one with women who were doing work that really mattered.

Because of my background, I began talking about social media to everyone who would listen and was eventually approached by a number of women who hired me to manage the social media for their businesses. By the time I graduated university, I was working full time as a social media manager where I helped women in business to share their truth and be seen online.

I worked as a social media manager for two and a half years before creating and launching my signature online program Sacred Social. The process of creating and launching this program changed my business and I quickly realised that I wanted to support women in an even deeper way.

Then came the big ‘aha’ moment…

I wasn’t so passionate about social media anymore, I was more passionate about sacred living.

While social media had been a big part of my journey, I stopped working as a social media manager at the end of 2017 and have been solely focused on guiding women to show up in their business, community and social media in a sacred and sustainable way.

I do this using tools such as archetypes, ritual, storytelling and doTERRA essential oils!

So if you want to be guided by a woman who is dedicated to doing all things with intention, integrity and care then I would love to chat and explore this wilderness with you!