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Are you a creative who has a transformative message that they want to share with the world?

Or maybe you’re a passionate business owner who wants to build a movement with their brand?

Perhaps you’re an activist who desires to create real and lasting change in the world?

Or maybe you’re a social media user who wants to step up and use their platform to express themselves?

Whatever brought you here… I want you to know that you deserve to be seen for who you really are.

You deserve the space to show up and be heard.

You deserve to write your own story and create your own legacy.

Social media is an opportunity for you to do that - and I’m going to show you how with Express Your Self: Social Media Workshop.


In this social media workshop you will:

  • Uncover your own unique values
  • Craft your signature story and learn how to share it on social media
  • Get clear on how to speak and what to share with your online community
  • Learn the three main types of social media content and when to use them
  • Discover exactly where to find inspiration for social media content

Plus you will also get the opportunity to:

  • Create space for divine clarity and inspiration
  • Gather and connect with other passionate and inspiring creatives
  • Receive one-on-one support and feedback on your social media

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Here are some kind words from those who have attended the Express Your Self workshop:


"Sophie is unlike any other "social media" teacher I've encountered. Rather than focusing on things like the "algorithm" and your "optimal funnel", Soph dives deep and reminds you that social media is really just an opportunity to express your higher self (and your brand's higher self!) with those who want to hear it. She injects fun, freedom, feminine flow and connection back into what sometimes feels like a stale, soulless area of business. The workshop was simultaneously a very personal space to explore our brand, messaging and expression and a collective environment in which we shared our stories and messages. I left feeling SO inspired and have been on a magical buzz since!"

Bron Stange, Bopo Women


"I can't put into words how powerful and inspiring the workshop was. Because its something that needs to be felt. My cup was empty as I walked through the doors and as I left I had more than filled it up. The space was sacred and relaxed. Sophie is an incredible host, teacher, soul. I would attend this session again and again. I am so grateful to myself for being curious about what the workshop was, to Sophie for her authenticity and her electric personality and the women that attended the workshop for being open and allowing me the space to reach my higher self."

Avril Hockett, Seaside Circus


"I absolutely loved Sophie Zen's Express Your Self workshop. Sophie's beautiful nature made me feel right at home so I could explore my truth in a creative way with my soul business. Her processes were so informative. I now feel confident and also understand the online world enough to express myself on social media."

Alisar Laz, Soul Heart


"Sophie's Express Your Self social media workshop was just what I needed to feel (re)inspired about showing up expressing myself on social media (and in general!). Sophie's unique approach to social media is soulful, genuine and really helps you to approach social media in a way that feels really good for you. I left the workshop with so much clarity on how I want to show up on social media and with a whole lot of practical ways to help me actually do it."

Chloe Wigan, One Infinite Life


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