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Hi I'm Soph and I guide women to show up in their business and social media in a sacred and sustainable way. Using tools such as archetypes, essential oils, ritual and storytelling, I encourage my community to bring a more slow and feminine energy to their business.

I truly believe that everything that we do in life has the ability to be performed in a sacred way, especially the work that we do in the world!

Using my experience and background in social media and marketing, I am also the creator of Sacred Social - my signature online program where I teach my approach to using social media in a way that is deeply rooted with intention, creativity and flow.

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Do you desire to do life in a more sacred and sustainable way?

Are you ready to ditch the hustle and come back down to earth?

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I believe that essential oils are one of the most powerful tools for living a sacred and sustainable life.

And it's for this reason that I have carved out some space in my calendar - to talk all things essential oils and sacred living!

Do you want to know more about essential oils and how you can use them?

Do you want to know the best way to get essential oils into your home?

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