Work With Me

Imagine logging into your Facebook account, checking your notifications and being blown away by kind words that one of your tribe members has left on your page.

Or signing into Instagram and realising that a dream client has just started following you and they liked and commented on one of your photos.

Even better, imagine that an email lands in your inbox from a potential client who loves your online presence and simply must work with you.  

I believe there is only one way to celebrate these wins and that’s to take a screen shot to send to your business besties and do a happy dance!

But the online world moves fast and our wins are often short-lived while we work toward bigger and better goals.

You reached 1000 followers? Time to aim for 2000 followers. One of your favourite bloggers just commented on your post? Now to start working on your other ten dream bloggers. Your Facebook post got twenty comments? Well your other post only got a couple of likes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and without a clear purpose, social media can feel overwhelming and confusing.

But I believe that with a clear intention and sustainable strategy, social media can feel really, really good!

I work with my clients to create social media platforms that are aligned to their business direction and core brand values.

This looks like showing up consistently, sharing valuable content that speaks directly to your tribe and growing a community that knows who you are and what you believe in.

I have helped my clients narrow in on a crystal clear strategy, brand their platforms, build loyal communities and thrive on social media without sacrificing their time and energy. As a result I’ve watched in gratitude as my clients find their flow, work in their zone of genius and enjoy more freedom and flexibility in their business.

Here is how you can do it too! 

What my clients have to say

"I hired Sophie to help me create more structure and consistency with my social media plan, my branding and messaging. Sophie has been an absolute blessing to my business and has saved me so much time and money as well as created a great following through Facebook and Instagram. Sophie is super organised and her posts are creative, inspiring and reflect the brand and our vision and mission beautifully. Working with Sophie has been one of the best decisions we've made as a business. She's such a beautiful member of our team and her contribution is invaluable!"

- Lea Schodel @themindfulwealthmovement

"To say I am LOVING having you on board is an understatement. The engagement that I can feel already is so SO incredible. Thank you so much - you are helping me reach more women and help them to be their best selves and live a life they have only dreamt of. You are helping women realise and know deep within themselves that they are beautiful just as they are, that they are worthy! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me with this big dream of mine ... I know we are only a week in, but I can feel the momentum and a really positive shift and I am eternally grateful to you and expertise!" 

- Jo Kendall @jo_kendall


"I recently contracted an amazing young woman from Sophie Zen for all things social media and online communications management (such as blogging, PR, campaigns, newsletters). She is incredible and such amazing value. What she achieves in a small amount of time for me has transformed how Joining Hands can do business."

- Kylie Lowe @joininghandsaus



"Sophie is a true asset to have on board with my business. The biggest benefit of working with her is a clear mind and knowing that I'm not scrambling last minute to think of content. This allowed me to have a more cohesive look and feel across the board, and allowed me to strategically promote content. If anyone asked me who I'd recommend - she'd be my go-to girl every time!"

- Elle Lynn @jujucreativehub



"Totally and utterly on a high after my social media 90 day consultation plan with the ever so gorgeous girl Sophie Zen. She nailed everything on the head from goals, dreams and where my business wants to be in three months time."

- Belinda Milne @outofofficesolutions