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Sacred social media is an approach to using social media in a way that is rooted with intention, creativity & flow.

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And to support you to do this, sacred social media is made up of seven core pillars.

These include: 



Alignment means using social media in a way that is sustainable, supportive and feels really, really good

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Intention is about creating space for social media success by getting clear on your goals and mastering your mindset

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Connection is being able to find your true soul tribe and build an engaged online community

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Expression means knowing how to find your unique message and share it on social media

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Creativity is learning how to create content with ease and flow

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Presence is about managing your time and energy so you can make the greatest impact on social media

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Celebration is understanding your analytics, showing gratitude for your soul tribe and celebrating your social media growth

And when all of these pillars come together in perfect harmony, you get sacred social media!

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So lovely, are you ready to explore sacred social media with me? 

Introducing: Sacred Social Sessions!

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Here is what’s included:

30 minute intention-setting session where we will uncover your social media vision and identify the areas where you need the most support 

60 minute coaching session focused on the social media vision we uncovered in the intention-setting session 

'Sacred Intention' visualisation audio file to support you in uncovering how you really want to show up on social media

Digital version of the 'Spirited Social Media Circle' to help you to identify the areas where you are thriving on social media and the areas where you need some more love

PDF workbook filled with notes, tools, additional resources and recommendations to take home

Cheeky VIP discount for my online signature program Sacred Social

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Investment: $299

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Here is an idea of some of the topics that we can talk about in your sessions:

  • Overcoming the ‘blocks’ that hold you back from reaching your social media and business goals
  • Connecting with the people who truly love what you do (and want to work with you!)
  • Finding your true voice on social media 
  • Getting your ideas out of your head and into the online world
  • Speaking directly to your ideal clients through creative content on social media
  • Being consistent on social media (without burning out or making sacrifices!)
  • Creating a solid and inspiring social media structure and strategy
  • Making the very most of your time and energy on social media
  • How to feel an attitude of gratitude for your social media tribe
  • Using social media in a way that feels good to you

And here are some things that we can co-create together:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media content calendar
  • Hashtag library
  • Brand style guide
  • Systems and processes guide

But we don’t just have to talk about social media!

Some other topics that we can weave through your sessions include:

  • Blogging and content creation
  • Mailing lists, opt-ins and newsletters
  • Website or sales copy
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Here is what my lovely clients said about working with me: